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Hello and welcome to Digital Scales.com and Scale Magazine.com.  Our magazine is dedicated to digital scales and other weighing instruments. Our goal is to help you in comparing scales and learning about the differences between various scale brands and models.  The more information you have, the easier it will be to choose the correct digital scale for your application. 

This site is produced by digital scale experts and technicians. Our goal is to evaluate digital scales, merchants who sell digital scales and provide helpful guidance to consumers. We keep our ears on the scale market and various manufacturers of scales as you can see in our extensive brands of scales database.  Scale Magazine reviews many popular name brand portable digital scales and pocket scales with detailed comparisons and evaluations in our Scale Magazine section.  We "road test" digital scales so that consumers can learn more about a scale before they buy one.   The internet is an uneasy market for consumers looking to purchase digital scales because there are many unknown scale brands, unknown models and the high risk of scales-merchant fraud.  That is why we actively maintain a Fraud Alert page which is the only one in the industry.   This website provides knowledge to consumers about digital scales, with an emphasis on compact precision scales (portable scales), although we also test some shipping scales and kitchen scales.  

Visit the links to the left to read our scale reviews, or scroll down to shop through our reviewed scale merchants.  Click on their name to go directly to their site. Every merchant below has been reviewed by our staff and verified that they provide excellent service and low prices.  In order to obtain a link the scale merchant below has to be well established, have a strong reputation, and stock their own merchandise (no drop-shipping).  We don't like companies that drop ship because they do not handle the actual merchandise and therefore are not able to 'touch-and-feel' the scales to be sure they are as-described. Also if they don't have a stock of scales on-hand then they would be unable to answer questions about those scales. Thus we prefer scales-merchants who are truly part of the scale-industry   We can safely recommend to you these quality digital scale retailers below (not in any particular order).  

Thanks for visiting Digital Scales.com and enjoy your scale!

Old Will Knott Scales.com
A huge collection of digital scales, served up with a side of humor. Old Will's a long time merchant who's earned a reputation for great customer service.  BBB Registered Merchant

$ave On Scales.com
Great Selection of Digital Scales & Pocket Scales. Low Prices, very good scale selection Save On Scales is definitely worth visiting, nice updated site.  BBB Registered Merchant

Cyber Scale.net
Huge selection of Digital Scales. Great prices, really nice site Probably the nicest layout on any scale site. These guys are top rated for customer service. BBB Registered Merchant

Right On Scales.com
Big Selection of Digital Scales & Pocket Scales. Low prices, good scale selection. Clean site & express delivery options.  BBB Registered Merchant

Canadian Weigh.com
These Canucks only ship & sell within Canada complete line of digital scales & mini scales Prices are in $CND

This is the oldest online digital scale merchant that we know of, run by a friendly guy named Gary.  These guys have it all including legal for trade weighing machines.

Black Stone Scale
BSS specializes in digital scale custom weighing solutions, industrial scales and legal for trade balances. "Our long term goal is to provide quality scales & service at a reasonable price".

Digitalwaagen Shop.de (Germany)
European Online Scale Company. Full Line of digital scales in Germany. Good selection of quality name brand digital scales but also has some lower quality 'off branded' scales

Right On Scales.co.uk (UK)
European Digital Scales & Pocket Scales at low prices, good scale selection

Right On Scales.ca (CAN/US)
Digital Scales & Pocket Scales at low prices, good scale selection (ships to Canada from the US but all prices & shipping are in $CND)

E-Scales Company (UK)
European Online Scale Company based in the UK.  Good selection of various digital scales from major name brands.

We hope that your enjoy digital scales dot com and welcome to our scale community.  This website is sponsored by the community merchants and scale manufacturers contained within these pages.  We review each  store for quality and remove any merchant who we receive unresolved complaints about.  This allows us to feel confident about these digital scale merchants above and the weighing manufacturers we write about.  Our opinions expressed are just opinions, we do our best to write all digital scale reviews and pocket scale articles as fairly and independently as possible.  If you're looking for information on digital scales, pocket scales, compact or gram scales we believe our community website is a great place for information.  Although we strive for 100% accuracy, Digitalscales.com makes no guarantees, stated or implied, regarding the validity of the information found on this website. Neither DigitalScales.Com, nor its operators, will be held liable for any misinformation, omissions, improper use of the information presented, or any violations of any law which may occur as a result of utilizing this resource. We encourage you to give us scales related feedback or personal experience on your digital scales.  Thank you for helping to build this digital scale community. Please contribute to our forums in order to build this weighing community even better!
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