Scale Magazine Spring 2003

Tanita 1479V

  • Capacity 120g 

  • Readability 0.1g (full spectrum)

  • Accuracy (as tested): 0.4g

  • Modes: Grams only

  • Tare: Yes

  • Calibration:  Not Recalibratable**

  • Warranty:  180 days ($12.50 warranty fee)

  • Included Accessories:  Batteries & Leather Style Pouch

  • Size: 3" x 6"

  • Price (avg) $99

This “new” version of the Tanita pocket scale series is honestly quite outdated.  It is designed to replace the older 1479 but our in-house tests showed the older 1479 was more accurate then this new version.   Accuracy was mediocre**,  our tests consistently read 100.4  at 100.0 grams (we use F1 100g certified masses to test).   Also the 4-corner test showed variances of 0.3g depending on which corner we placed the 100 gram weight.

**Note: The Tanita 1479V is supposedly not recalibratable, however our technicians learned that there is a way to recalibrate them (Tanita doesn’t post this information).  Here’s how to calibrate a Tanita 1479V:

1)      Press and hold the OFF key
2)      Press and release the ON key 3 times (while keeping the off key held down)
3)      Release both keys
4)      The display will first show 7 – 0,  then it will show 7 – 1
5)      Place a 50g weight on the tray
6)      The display will change to 7-2
7)      Add another 50g weight to the tray
8)      The scale will show 7-3, then it will reset
Calibration is complete

After this “secret” calibration our Tanita was perfectly accurate (as long as we put the weight in the very center of the tray).  However since average consumers cannot recalibrate their scale,  we had to evaluate the Tanita based on being “not recalibratable” which led to our ‘thumbs down’.

Overall:  "Long in the tooth, time for a remodel"

This scale is high priced.  Prices range from $79 Online to $150 in most stores.  The lack of features,  outdated design, poor warranty, small LCD and deviations in accuracy are problems. Two strongly positive things we can say about the Tanita 1479V is that it is quite durable and consumes very little power.   It passed our drop tests with flying colors!  Please read the Tanita section for more information.

Recommendations:  Write down the “secret” calibration instructions above – trust us you’ll need them!

NOTE: Tanita has released a new updated 1479 called the 1479S.  Click here to read our review on the all new Tanita 1479S.

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