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  Reviews 2005  - 7001DX Kitchen / Office Scale

The 7001DX    

  • Capacity 7000g 

  • Readability  1.0g

  • Accuracy (as tested): 1g

  • Modes: Grams, Ounces, Pounds, Kilograms

  • Tare: Yes

  • Calibration:  Digital Auto Calibration

  • Warranty:  Lifetime / 30 Years (no fees)

  • included Accessories:  Mailing Tube Holder, Envelope Holder,  Backlit Adjustable-Angle-Display,  Acrylic Bowl, Batteries

  • Size: 8" x  6"

  • Price (avg) $35

The My Weigh 7001DX was the most advanced mid-sized scale we'd ever tested and we liked it very much.   There, we've said it now let's explain why we felt this way about this new scale. This is My Weigh's remake of their older 6001 series scale which we also tested 2 years ago. The design of the new 7001DX is quite impressive,  the outlook is clean yet modern and contemporary.  It blended into our office and kitchen environments.  The 7001 features a nice new scale invention - an adjustable angle display.  This means that no matter which angle you view the scale from, you can easily read the display.  Why is this important?  In the past consumers have complained about not being able to clearly see the numbers on their scale display,  the 7001 overcame this with a multitude of improvements.  First the display is now quite large,  easy enough to read from across the room.   Second the display has a bright backlight to enhance viewability.  Third the display can be adjusted to various angles,  it is on a hinge and can be raised or lowered on an angle as necessary.   This is quite an accomplishment and we commend the 7001 for this invention.  On other scales that we have tested it was necessary to move our head to a a particular angle in order to read the display.  This lead to situations where we've found our body hovering precariously over the edge of your counter - just so that we could read the display of a scale.

"With the recent increases in postal rates,  accurate scales have become an absolute necessity.  In older, less expensive times it was adequate to use a scale that read within 5 grams.  However,  now 1 gram (or even 0.1gram) accuracy has become essential for letter and small parcel mailing.  For instance,  if your small package weighs 439 grams you pay one rate,  but if it's 440 grams you pay almost TWICE as much!  And - if your scale is not accurate and you ship a 440 gram package with too little postage you risk having the items returned weeks later with "postage due" on them (if the post office doesn't lose it).   That being said,  most offices and mailrooms have upgraded to the more modern better accurate scales"

The 7001 comes with a mailing tube holder,  letter / envelope holder,  and a large acrylic bowl.  The scale is powered by included AA batteries or you can purchase an optional AC adaptor. 

As with the older 6001, another important use of the 7001DX is for the kitchen.  With our modern demanding diets (low carb, sugar counting, low fat, etc..) and recipes, it's important to have a precise scale in the kitchen.  The 7001DX has a HOLD feature and counting feature that truly help when creating a difficult or exact recipe  "Using an inaccurate scale is a recipe for disaster (C.Cook 1999).   The 7001DX uses some sort of advanced circuitry that is completely adjustable;  we could program or disable the auto-power-off function.   We could also turn the audible beep function on or off.   We could even adjust the automatic backlight timer.   This is truly an advanced scale that allowed for customization for any user or application.  Why is that important?  Having an adjustable scale is essential for many applications.  For example one user might want to turn off the auto-power-off function so that they can keep the scale constantly ON for multiple weighings during a several hour period.  However that same user might want to later have the auto-power-off function turn the scale off after 1 minute when they're at a remote location to save battery power.  The 7001DX is the only kitchen scale we have tested to have all of these features.

The capacity of the 7001DX is 7000 grams (15.4 lbs) and it reads in 1 gram increments (0.1oz / 0.002lb / 0.001kg) throughout the entire capacity.  Accuracy was pleasantly nice,  the scale was accurate plus or minus 1.0g throughout our testing spectrum.    Durability was also pleasing - we dropped the scale from table height many times and it still works fine.  The 7001DX came in any color we wanted - so long as that color was black..

Overall:  The Best Kitchen/Office scale we ever tested

Every Home and office should have one of these beauties.  It'll save you time, money and a lot of bad eating :)


Recommendations:   If you plan on using the scale very often we suggest purchasing the optional AC adaptor.   The new 7001DX is such a tremendous improvement over older kitchen scales that we stronlgy recommend that you evaluate one for yourself before purchasing a different model  

Archives:  Read about the old My Weigh 6001T series


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*Within reason - we stepped on the platform,  dropped the scale from 4 ft, all without any damage except for cosmetic.

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