Scale Magazine Series 2005
"The Axe"


  • Capacity: 200 grams

  • Readability:  0.1g (full spectrum)

  • Accuracy (as tested):  0.1g

  • Modes: Grams, Ounces, Pennyweight, Carats

  • Tare: Yes

  • Calibration:  Digital Auto Calibration using a 100 gram weight (optional)

  • Warranty:  Lifetime / 30 Years (No Fees)

  • Included Accessories:  Lithium Batteries, Hard Poly-Plastic carrying case

  • Size: 3 x 1 (average)

  • Price (avg) $59

The AXE is a brand new scale produced by My Weigh.   Almost half of our recent reviews have been of My Weigh products because My Weigh seems to launch a new innovative scale every month!  This little scale is really an amazing feat.  It is the ultimate combination of size, beauty, function and design.   The AXE is incredibly small,  it measures just 1.5 inches across, 3.25 inches tall and 0.4" thick,  making it the smallest digital pocket scale in the world.   The AXE weighs just 42 grams with batteries installed,  making it the lightest digital pocket scale in the world.

The name AXE comes from the axe blade shape of the scale.  The cover opens by spinning 90 degrees to open. When it opens or closes, you feel a sturdy "click" to know it's in the proper position.  This innovative spinning axe-blade design allows for the entire surface of the scale to become the weighing tray.   Our past reviews of scales such as the round MINI employed similar strategies but only 90% of the surface of the scale was actually used for weighing.  Plus the MINI and Micro Tech have a smaller opening which makes it harder to press their buttons.    This 100% usable tray surface enables the AXE to have a similar sized weighing tray to most other pocket scales - even though the scale itself is much smaller.   The tray is designed with a raised lip on the edge of the tray (very smart) to prevent loose items from rolling or falling off of the tray.  The front and back of the tray have grooved edges to make it easier to grip the tray when you are spinning it open or closed.

The AXE uses a U-Shaped load cell which is basically two load cells connected by a metal bar.  This double-load cell design makes the MINI twice as durable and resilient as any normal pocket scale.   The technicians at My Weigh told us they designed the AXE to be as light as possible in order to make it more durable if dropped.   Scales are often damaged when they are dropped because the shock of a 175+ gram (overall average weight) scale hitting the floor shocks the internal sensors of the scale.  However with an ultra lightweight scale (AXE Weight is 42 grams),  the shock forces are much lower and thus there is a much lower chance of damaging the scale by dropping it.      To prove this we were encouraged to drop our axe on the ground several times from a 3 foot table height.   After 7 drops the scale still performed perfectly accurate without any signs of damage other than some external scratches.   

How did they make it so lightweight?   Digital Load Cell scales consist of a plastic outer case,  aluminum load cell,  plastic circuit board,  glass LCD display, and metal batteries.   To cut back on weight,  My Weigh used a special high-grade ABS plastic for the outer case and the PCB that is both lightweight and extremely durable. Aluminum load cells do not weigh very much,  and with the miniaturization of this scale,  the load cell is extremely lightweight.  Then they used LR44 button batteries to keep the weight very low.   When it is all put together,  you have the lightest digital scale ever made to date.  If you drop it,  it's closer to the sensation of a feather hitting the ground rather then the "SMASH" you might hear if you dropped a conventional heavy scale.  The lighter the scale,  the less chance there is for shock to the load cells if it is dropped.

Our tests for accuracy and reproductability were both perfect,  the 4-corner weight test gave standard deviations of only +/- 0.1g which is quite good.   The raised surface and design of the tray allowed us to weigh items that were quite large and cumbersome relative to the size of the scale.  The AXE never let us down.   The AXE is powered by 3 lithium button style batteries.  We have found over the years that these button cells are the most stable power source for scales (which helps with performance) plus they last a very long time. 

Overall: Big thumbs up!
his micro marvel is truly a revolutionary weighing device.  We have watched items such as cell phones grow smaller and smaller but we never thought we would see a digital scale this small.   What impresses us most about this scale is NOT it's tiny size and light weight.  We are amazed by the usable design, strong performance and wild looks of this mini scale.  This scale is perfect for anyone such as diabetics who need to weigh sugars (the raised lip tray will keep the items on the tray rather then spilling on the counter, plus it's tiny size makes it easy to keep in your pocket while on the go).   If you are looking for a small scale,  you should strongly consider this new AXE.

Recommendations:   The AXE has a beautiful metallic finish.  Although the scale has a built-in protective cover,  we recommend storing the AXE in its plastic poly-case.  This will help to protect the scale against scratches and possible shock damage (if you drop it).


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*Within reason - we stepped on the platform,  dropped the scale from 4 ft, all without any damage except for cosmetic.

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