Scale Magazine Series 2007

 "Dual Display - Dual Weighmeter Pocket Scale"

 2007 Scale Of The Year

  • Capacity 600g
  • Readability:  0.1g (full spectrum)
  • Accuracy (as tested):  0.1g
  • Modes: Grams, Ounces,  Pennyweight, Carats, Troy Ounces, Pounds, Grains
  • Tare: Yes
  • Calibration:  Digital Auto Calibration using a 500 gram weight (not included)
  • Warranty:  Lifetime (No Fees)
  • Included Accessories:  Dual Weighmeter, Dual Displays, Batteries,  Stainless Steel Tray
  • Size: 3 x 5
  • Price (avg) $50
The new AXE 2 arrived at our office last week.  We are extremely impressed with this new weighing device.  The scale features 2 displays (front and back).  This comes in very handy when you are showing another person how much an item weighs.  Both displays are large and oval shaped and each one has a truly amazing dual Weighmeter.   The Weighmeter is a patented invention we fell in love with last year. A digital graph shows that gets bigger and bigger as you reach the capacity of the scale.  With a dual Weighmeter, it wraps around the LCD until when you finally reach the capacity of the scale it shows "Overload".  The manner in which it is done on this scale, it adds a new level of confidence to the weighing process.  It is also fun and definitely futuristic.  The oval displays are both backlit - adding to the 'coolness' factor.
The AXE A2 automatically turns on when you open the weighing tray. This is another innovative feature that we have never seen before on a scale.  All you do is spin the tray open and both LCD's light up immediately, and the scale is ready for use. The AXE A2 is an extremely durable scale.  It survived our drop tests with flying colors.  After 4 drops from table-height onto the floor there was zero damage.  We repeated the same test onto a concrete floor and were only able to cosmetically damage the case. 
The AXE A2 has the same innovative design as the original AXE.  As we wrote with the original AXE; the name AXE comes from the axe blade shape of the scale.  The cover opens by spinning 90 degrees to open. When it opens or closes, you feel a sturdy "click" to know it's in the proper position.  This innovative spinning axe-blade design allows for the entire surface of the scale to become the weighing tray.   Our past reviews of scales such as the round MINI employed similar strategies but only 90% of the surface of the scale was actually used for weighing.   This 100% usable tray surface enables the AXE 2 to have a much larger sized weighing tray than most other pocket scales. The tray is designed with a raised lip on the edge of the tray (very smart) to prevent loose items from rolling or falling off of the tray. The main part of the tray is made from brushed Stainless Steel. The front and back of the tray have grooved edges to make it easier to grip the tray when you are spinning it open or closed.
Here's something really quite different and GREEN:  The AXE A2 is made from biodegradable plastic.  The manufacturer says this new bio plastic won't degrade at all during normal use but will break down if it is put in a landfill.  This material is one of those new generations of plastic where the molecules only accelerate and release (break down) if the plastic is subject to landfill conditions for several months.  The molecules are designed to react with landfill gasses only (so the housing will not deteriorate until the scale is put in a landfill). 
The AXE A2 uses a U-Shaped load cell which is basically two load cells connected by a metal bar.  This double-load cell design makes the AXE A2 twice as durable and resilient as any normal single load cell pocket scale.  The design also removes all pressure from the load cell when the cover is in the closed position
The performance of the AXE A2 was exactly within specifications.   We calibrated the scale and then ran through our standard series of tests.   All numbers were within +/- 0.1 gram as long as we placed the items in the center of the tray.  Drift was minor and within tolerance (no drift within 40 seconds).
We were so impressed with the AXE A2 that we named it our 2007 Scale of the Year!
Overall:  Big Thumbs Up, we really like this new scale.
his scale is really amazing.  After using the AXE 2 it sort of feels like all other scales are "old tech". The dual weighmeter and dual display is just outright phenomenal and a giant leap forward in weighing. It's sort of like the first time a cell phone had a signal strength indicator on it.  Without that, how are you supposed to know how strong the signal is.  The way the Weighmeter wraps around the display is really amazing.
Recommendations:   If you're in the market for a pocket scale,  be sure to check out the AXE 2.    In it's class of regular sized pocket scales,  it is currently the Valedictorian...   Everyone we showed this scale to tried to keep it for themselves.  We think this scale is best in it's class.
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*Within reason - we stepped on the platform,  dropped the scale from 4 ft, all without any damage except for cosmetic.

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