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"The World's First Rechargeable Pocket Scale"

  2006 Scale Of The Year


The 2006 Palmscale 6.0

  • Capacity: 250g

  • Readability:  0.1g (full spectrum)

  • Accuracy (as tested):  0.1g

  • Modes: Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Pennyweight, Carats

  • Tare: Yes

  • Calibration:  Digital Auto Calibration using a 100 gram weight (included)

  • Warranty:  Lifetime / 30 Year (No Fees)

  • Included Accessories:  Variable Charge Docking Station*, NiMH Rechargeable Batteries, AC Adaptor, Premium Leather Style Pouch, Scoop, Tweezers, calibration weight, expansion tray, expansion bowl, Stainless Steel Tray, Backlit LCD

  • Size: 2 x 4

  • Price (avg) $69

The Palmscale has long been the benchmark of the pocket scale industry.   The first Palmscales brought much needed innovation and style to the scale industry.  The 2006 Palmscale 6.0 continues that tradition with it's host of new never-before-seen features and a fresh new design.   The updates for 2006 include a new variable charge docking station that makes up for voltage variances,  full-time backlight and an improved LCD.  The PS6 is very impressive looking,  it has a high quality feel that is unrivaled.  The logo on the cover of the scale is metal,  which blends perfectly into the chrome accents of the scale.   The shape curves in slightly in the middle and flares out towards the front,  giving a very sexy shape that lends itself to fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Although the Palmscale is certainly the most beautiful scale in the market,  it's more than just beauty.   The PS6 uses a patented auto-opening system which opens the cover automatically at the flick of a switch.  It always brings a bit of awe to us to watch the cover slowly and gracefully open on our Palmscales.  The weighing tray is made of a thick gauge stainless steel.   The bundled accessories with the PS6 include a large expansion bowl and also an expansion tray.  These two accessories allow the PS6 to function like a much larger table scale.  You can weigh a small bowl full of nuts,  weigh out your sugars (which is  why the PS6 is the top choice of diabetics),  and of course weigh jewelry, gold, and metals.   There are even onboard tools to help you in your weighing such as a set of metal tweezers and a scoop.

The performance of the PS6 was flawless.  The numbers were extremely easy to read because the display is a high quality LCD with a true luminescent blue backlight.      After being encouraged by the manufacturer,  we did some performance overload tests on the PS6 (please don't try this at home folks).   We put the scale into it's AD mode (mode where it shows the raw data from the load cell).  The raw value was 508.   We then piled 5000grams of weight on the tray (5kg or 11lb).   We then removed the weight and the scale went right back to it's original value of 508.   That was truly impressive.  Next we dropped the Palmscale several times from our standard table height.  There was no damage to the scale other than a few scratches.  The Palmscale continued to perform flawlessly.

The newest innovation that the PS6 brings to the scale industry is it's rechargeable function.  Not only is the Palmscale 6.0 rechargeable,  but it comes with an "EASYCHARGE" docking station that enables the PS6 to achieve a perfect charge every time.  This is important because without a docking station a scale could be overcharged or undercharged,  thus hurting performance and shortening battery life.   The rechargeable battery of the PS6 is a Nickel Metal Hydride type that is commonly used in mobile telephones.  It's estimated that the PS6 will operate for 4 months of normal use before requiring a recharge.   Recharging the PS6 is truly a snap.  You simply drop the scale into it's recharging station and a few hours later the light turns green, letting you know that charging is complete.  We're glad that someone finally brought this innovation to the weighing industry.   The manufacturer boasts that the PS6 is environmentally friendly because of this recharging feature and we tend to agree.  We estimate that based on not having to replace batteries the scale can completely pay for itself during 5 years of use.

Our tests for accuracy and reproductability were both good,  the 4-corner weight test gave standard deviations +/- 0.1g which is perfect.  Our tests for 4 corner deviances yielded no results but we did find that best accuracy was achieved in the center of the weighing tray.  Drift was minor and within tolerance (no drift within 40 seconds).

Overall:  Thumbs Up!
his scale is truly the ultimate in portable weighing.  It's nice to see such a high end product when there appears to be a never-ending flood of cheap junk entering the marketplace.   While other brands seem to be lowering the bar,  the Palmscale just raised the bar to a new level.   We can't recommend this amazing product enough.   It's the best pocket scale we've ever tested and therefore we have granted it our SCALE OF THE YEAR award for the past two years.   It's going to be difficult for anyone to beat this amazing scale.

Recommendations:   We preferred the "Rubber Black" Palmscale because it has a soft feel to it and therefore grips in your hand the best.  



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