2008 Scale of the year The 2008 scale of the year

 "Genuine Palmscale: Perhaps the most established and known pocket scale in the world."

 The New, Sleek PalmScale 7.0 PalmScale 7.0



  • Capacity: 200g & 700g
  • Readability:
        (200g): 0.01g
        (700g): 0.1g
  • Accuracy (as tested):0.1g
  • Modes (PS7: 200g Scale): Grams, Ounces, Carats, Grains, Pennyweight, 1/8 Ounces, 1/4 Ounces
  • Modes (PS7: 700g Scale): Grams, Ounces, Carats, Troy Ounce, Grains, Pennyweight, 1/8 Ounces, 1/4 Ounces
  • Tare: Yes
  • Calibration:
        (200g): 200g Weight
        (700g): 500g Weight
  • Warranty: 30 Year / Lifetime Warranty
  • Included Accessories: Removeable Protective Cover/Tray & Calibration Weight(s)
  • Size: 3.25" x 4.75"
  • Price (avg): $65.00
MyWeigh has produced many of today's most technologically advanced scales - from the ingenious TouchScale utilizing touch - screen technology to the award-winning Axe2 with it's rotating protective-cover/tray. It's no wonder they impress us with each new scale they produce and the new PalmScale 7.0 is so impressive, you have to see it to believe!
Priced in between the PS5 & PS6, the new PS7 is being reputed as the 'most advanced pocket-scale ever made' by many critics and after testing it, we would have to agree. Upon receiving the scale, we were impressed first off with the packaging: simple, clean & to the point. Once the box was opened, we saw a scale unlike any we had ever seen before! The PS7s first distinct feature is its rubberized protective exterior & chromed-out interior - It's sleek, stylish, minimalist & just fun to look at - there is no other scale out there with this sort of design, with the exception of the PS5 & PS6 having similar features.
Opening the scale & turning it on was fun: WOW! Another first in the scale industry is the reverse-lit LCD display; this just knocked our socks off! Its a beautiful display unlike any other scale out there with easy-to-read numbers and Weighmeter feature. Also, a pretty nifty feature is having a 'Quick User Guide' on the underside of the protective cover (just in case you forget what a button is for).
Weighing on the scale was the fun part: we put this scale to the test and were very impressed with the results: there are seven weighing modes total & also a price-calculating function that works flawlessly in calculating the item your weighing (no having to do the math separately anymore - this, we found, helps to save you time & energy on calculating numbers separately). The introduction of Weighmeter Technology into the PalmScale series is a bonus as well: you can be certain that you're not going to overload your scale since you will get an 'overload' warning, thus giving you enough time to remove any item being weighed.
We did notice that the Hydro-Hinge wasn't available on this model as it was a cool feature for the PalmScale 5.0 & 6.0, but that is ok. The protective cover on the PalmScale 7.0 doubles as a tray (this is actually not a bad thing & only adds to the sleek, minimalist look of the PalmScale 7.0; as well, the Protective Cover on the PS7 can fasten securely to the scale when not in use thanks to its ingenious magnetic edge). The simplicity of the design makes this ultra-easy to travel without having to lug around extra accessories. The hydro-hinge was a cool feature of the PalmScale series, so for My Weigh to take that feature out & focus more on the overall look/updated technology is definitely a great trade-off. This has us excited for future innovations in the PalmScale Series and ups the bar for future versions. Overall, we get new technology in the trade-off and some nifty features as well as being the LOWEST PRICED PALMSCALE EVER! - what more could you ask for from a scale that keeps reinventing itself?



Overall:  Thumbs Up!
almScale 7.0 is the must have scale, and it's truly the ultimate in portable weighing.  It's light, practical, and accurate and looks great. While other brands seem to be lowering the bar, the Palmscale just raised the bar to a new level. We can't recommend this amazing product enough. It's the best pocket scale we've ever tested and therefore we have granted it our SCALE OF THE YEAR. It's going to be difficult for anyone to beat this amazing scale.

Recommendations:   We recommend the Palmscale 7 for anyone who uses weight to measure prices of goods. If you are only measuring items for food or recipes this scale might be overkill for your needs.  

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*Within reason - we stepped on the platform,  dropped the scale from 4 ft, all without any damage except for cosmetic.

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