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Tanita 1481
  • Capacity: 120g 

  • Readability:  0.1g

  • Accuracy (as tested): 0.1g

  • Modes: Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Pennyweight

  • Tare: Yes

  • Calibration:   Not Recalibratable

  • Warranty:  1 year (no fees)

  • Included Accessories:  Batteries, Cover

  • Size: 4.25" x  2.75"

  • Price (avg): $129

The Tanita 1481 is a new mini pocket scale from Tanita.   It's shape is small and elliptical, with a raised hinge at the backside.  It is one of the thinnest scales we have ever tested and is quite contemporary for a Tanita.

We took apart the 1481 and found it to be very well built with a Capacitance weighing system.  This is an older technology that is not as accurate as a Load Cell, but it's extremely durable.   The very reason that Tanita pocket scales are so popular is because they have a reputation for being "bulletproof".     We found the 1481 to be more accurate then the classic Tanita 1479V,  with accuracy of 0.1 gram compared to the 0.2 gram we found on the 1479V.  This might be due to the smaller tray of the 1481 (it's about 75% smaller then the 1479V tray).

The 1481 is billed as the replacement for the aging Tanita 1220.  In that aspect it is a significant improvement over the 1220 with a more modern design,  less fragile components,  higher capacity and better accuracy.  However the main design flaw that we found in the 1481 is the large gap on the edges of the tray.  It is similar to the problem with the Blade scale.  During our tests we found that debris often fell into the crevices and was impossible to remove (see below)


Accuracy was good as mentioned above, the 1481 was accurate plus or minus 0.1g throughout our testing spectrum.  As with some previous scales that we have reviewed,  the 1481 is not recalibratable.  This means that if your scale is inaccurate you cannot recalibrate the scale.   This is a bit behind the market,  as most other digital scales are recalibratable by the consumer.


 Mode  Capacity/Accuracy
 Grams  120g x 0.1g
 Ounces  4.2oz x 0.005oz
 Troy Ounces  3.8ozt x 0.005ozt
 Pennyweight  77.2dwt x 0.1dwt
Overall:  Nice but Pricey.

We liked this new Tanita - when compared to other Tanita pocket scales.  It is very thin, small and durable.  However it doesn't come with a carrying pouch,  it's not recalibratable,  and there are some minor design flaws.   All in all,  it's a great scale to own - IF you can afford it.  The 1481 sells for upwards of $150 and the lowest price we could find was $99.95.  That is 3X the cost of most other pocket scales.

Recommendations:  When people buy an Tanita scale they're often brand specific.  Many times it's because they had an older 1479 scale that lasted for years.  The 1481 represents a departure from the "old" designs of Tanita scales,  but still uses the same technology as the 1479.


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*Within reason - we stepped on the platform,  dropped the scale from 4 ft, all without any damage except for cosmetic.

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