Scale Magazine Series 2008

DuallyThe New JS-V Dually

Capacity: 700g

Readability: 0.1g

Accuracy (as tested): +/-0.1g

Modes: Grams, Ounces, 1/8 Ounce, 1/4 Ounce, Troy Ounces, Pennyweight, Carats, Grains, Pounds & also counting pieces feature

Tare: Yes

Calibration: Digital Auto Calibration using a 500 gram weight (not included)

Warranty: 20 Years parts & labor

Included Accessories: 3 AAA Batteries & protective pouch

Size: 5" x 3.25"

Price (average): $59

Our readers know that Jennings has a reputation for incorporating innovation into many of the scales they produce: from their unique form-fitting scale designs seen in most of their popular scales, to the ever-improving Weighmeter feature included on many of its scales. We have come to expect innovations like this new JS-V Dually from this company. The Dually truly raises the bar for all other scales and is quite a feature packed device.  The Dually has a truly unique feature; it can show TWO MODES AT ONCE. This scale can weigh in two modes at the same time.  Once we heard that, we just couldn't wait to test this scale.  Let's just say that while we were waiting, we were in extreme anticipation as a kid waiting to open his birthday presents.

Once we got the scale, the first thing we noticed about the specs was the incredible amount of weighing-modes offered on this scale: believe it or not, the JS-V Dually weighs in nine different weighing modes.  Now to have this many weighing-modes on a scale is not uncommon, but to have this many weighing modes on a scale this small, with a Weighmeter and this affordable at the same time has never been accomplished. With that said, let's review the JS-V Dually's specs for your weighing-interest.

duallyOnce the JS-V Dually was prepared for our tests, we were happy to see that Jennings used the patented body design seen on most of its JS scales for the JS-V Dually's casing: this proven design fits comfortably in your hand and also adds to the style, functionality and usability that we are fond of in these Jennings scales and shouldn't be overlooked.  As we explained in our earlier JS-V review, the raised lip around the brushed stainless steel tray helps to prevent overspill, the removable protective cover doubles as an expansion-tray, and the deep red backlit LCD display is easy on the eyes.  An added bonus is the body is made of biodegradable plastic: this is another unique feature. We wish that every scale was made from these types of plastic.  As with most of the Jennings scales, the JS-V Dually is equipped with patented Weighmeter technology which helps prevent accidental overload before it happens.  This feature can help add years of damage-free use of this scale.

duallyNow for the fun, distinct feature exclusive to the JS-V Dually: the dual-mode display feature!  As stated before, this scale weighs in nine different weighing modes (grams, ounces, 1/8 ounce, 1/4 ounce, troy ounces, pennyweight, carats, grains and pounds) up to a whopping 700 grams.  Also, this scale has a parts-counting feature that can also be displayed while the weighing mode is being displayed as well - AND you can view any two weighing modes at once!  In the world-of-weighing one fun fact is that often people have to read in multiple modes.  Gold might be sold by the ounce or gram.  There might be a price for 1/8 oz of metals and a lower price when it reaches 1oz.  Many people use scales to weigh the same item in different modes and are constantly having to push buttons to change the mode.  This scale helps to eliminate that constant problem by providing consumers with the ability to view and record two different weighing modes at the same time, thus eliminating the need to constantly change the display. This also eliminates the need to push buttons constantly and helps maximize efficiency & save time by not having to fidget with any more buttons than necessary.  The other great thing about this feature is that the JS-V Dually displays the last units used: so if you have a preference of weighing modes (let's say you constantly weigh in ounces & grams), then just set both 'unit 1' and 'unit 2' buttons to either ounces or grams (or whatever weight you regularly weigh in).  When you turn the scale off and back on, both modes appear back on the display by default – ‘set it and forget it’.

Our tests for accuracy and reproductability were good; the 4-corner weight-test gave standard deviations +/- 0.1g which is perfect.  Also, our tests for 4-corner deviancies yielded no significant results, but we do recommend weighing in the center of the weighing-tray for best accuracy.

One last special test of this scale was the MOM TEST;  We decided to give the Dually to my mother as a test.  She is very resistant to the metric system and this seemed the perfect gift. Now she has the Dually in her kitchen and she uses it to weigh items in both ounces and grams at the same time.  Welcome to the new world order Mom.

duallyOVERALL: Big thumbs-Up!
The JS-V Dually's dual-display is another feature we knew we needed on a scale, but never thought of.  Jennings always seems to find ways to bring the excitement of weighing to a higher level with each new scale introduction.  With all the patented, standard features such as the Weighmeter technology, patented body design, and the new dual-mode display, this scale will be a surefire hit for anyone seeking an excellent pocket scale at an excellent price! 

RECOMMENDATIONS: In case you haven’t noticed,  we really love this new scale. If you're constantly finding yourself changing weighing-modes on your scale and like the rare feature of nine different weighing modes on a tried & tested brand, and are in the market for a great pocket scale, consider the JS-V Dually on the top of your list.

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*Within reason - we stepped on the platform,  dropped the scale from 4 ft, all without any damage except for cosmetic.

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