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Ohaus HH-120
  • Capacity 120g 

  • Readability 0.2g / 0.1g

  • Accuracy (as tested): 0.2g

  • Modes: Grams only

  • Tare: Yes

  • Calibration:   Digital Auto Calibration using a 100 gram weight (NOT included)

  • Warranty:  1 year (no fees)

  • Included Accessories:  Batteries

  • Size: 5.35" x  3.25"

  • Price (avg) $90

The Ohaus HH-120 is the "Standard" Ohaus pocket scale.  It is made in Shenzhen China.  The Ohaus HH120 Hand-Held Scale is a dual range scale.  When weighing items from 0 to 60 grams the HH120 provides 0.1g readings but when 60 to 120 grams is applied to the weighing platform the readability drops to 0.2 grams.  The HH120 uses a simple two button design that is very easy to understand.

We took apart our HH120 and found it to be very well built.  The tactile keypad has a good feel to it but the Oval tray was not well suited for many of our testing applications.  The oval tray is part of the "O for Ohaus" look of the scale and we do agree that it makes this scale look distinctive from the other brands in the marketplace.   We were a bit surprised by the hefty price tag - albeit lower then a Tanita 1479V, it is still 40% higher then the My Weigh MX200 or 30% higher then the Pointscale 150.

Accuracy was good,  the scale was accurate plus or minus 0.2g throughout our testing spectrum.

Overall:  Mixed

This Scale is good quality and durable yet it carries a hefty price tag, has a lack of features and is one of the only dual range scales still made (0-60g x 0.1g,  60-120g x 0.2g).  We think this scale should be updated and upgraded to have the full range of features of it's competitors and have the price drop by 30%.

Recommendations:  When people buy an Ohaus scale they're usually brand specific.  This is a good scale, but there are many other brands that have more features, a longer warranty, a bigger capacity and a lower price tag.  If you must buy an Ohaus we suggest spending even more for one of their other models so you can get more features.  Nowadays there is an array of pocket scales to choose from so make sure you get the most "Scale for the buck".

WARNING:  ITIN Scale Co has imported a copy of the Ohaus HH.  It's called the "Minx Enterprise".  The Itin knockoff is NOT MADE BY OHAUS, it's just a low quality knockoff of the Ohaus and should be avoided!

NOTE: The Ohaus HH has been replaced with the new Ohaus Emerald.  Click here to read our review on the all new Emerald 500.


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