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" The JT-2 and YOU"

A new year brings us many good things: A new start, fresh beginnings, and an awesome line of new tabletop scales.  Whether you’re preparing food, using portion<br> control, or weighing envelopes and small packages, a tabletop scale is essential for productivity and accuracy. <br> You’ll even find that having access to a tabletop scale can save you quite a bit of money.

Jscale JT-2

Recently, we launched the Jscale JT-2 digital tabletop scale.  I’m not going sugar-coat it…these scales are AWESOME!  Accurate and affordable only scratch the surface when it comes to describing the JT-2’s.   These scales may very well become the new benchmark of excellence.

Available in three different models, the JT-2 offers different capacities and accuracy built for suiting all your weighing needs.  From big to small, the JT-2 line has it all!  From a 5000 gram capacity model, to a smaller model which offers and accuracy of .01 grams, there is a JT-2 to suit anyone.  These scales also offer any weighing mode you might need.  You can weigh in grams, pounds, ounces or even as small as grains or carats.  If you’re weighing a small animal, or you need that recipe to be just right, these scales have what you need.

Not only will these scales exceed all your weighing needs, they also look great.  The thin modern design, stainless steel platform, and snap-on cover (for protecting the unit) make these scales that much more useful.  The large orange backlit display makes it very easy to read, and the scales are small enough to take them on the go. 
With an ever-changing marketplace, these scales are a clear sign that companies like Jscale will be leading the industry to provide the latest and greatest scales available.



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