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The New Look Of Digital Scales
"Weighing in the newest designs the industry has to offer"

What should a scale look like? Until the 1990’s we would have thought of a giant metal Toledo or perhaps an old faithful beam balance. That all changed with Tanita went mass-market with smaller calculator shaped digital scales. Time went on and consumers started demanding new “modern” styles and designs for their scales. This has caused manufacturers to rethink what a scale should look like and look towards the newest popular items to style their scales after. Recently there has been a trend to produce scales that look like household items. These include scales that look like digital cameras, cell phones, PDA’s and MP3 players. The same thing has happened to the clock industry and various other industries. Everyone thinks an iPhone is cool, so manufacturers think “hey let’s make a scale or clock that looks like one of those”. While they may appear funny, underneath their cell phone appearance they are still a scale designed for weighing.

So we thought we’d take some of the funny novelty looking scales and see how they compare. Our choices were a CD scale, MP3 Scale and an iPhone scale.

JScale CD Series

Jscale makes a cool CD scale, from the outside it looks like just another CD laying around. Pop it open and it is a weighing device. What makes Jscale CD brand a bit better than the competitors like American Weigh CD brand is a few features that I personally enjoy. First Jscale offers a cool feature called Weighmeter Technology which serves as an overload indicator. The bars will rise up giving you a warning if you are nearing an overload which can damage you scale sensor. The second feature I like is that the weighing platform resembles a turntable, keeping with the music theme. All in all the Jscale CD is a great weighing device and looks cool at the same time.

ProScale MP3

The second model I want to take a look at is the Proscale MP3 scale. This is another deceptive look and a very efficient weighing device. The scale is very convenient for on the go use. It can easily fit in your pocket or purse and looks just like an MP3 player. I like the durability of the model. That’s what makes it so easy to carry around. Also the scale can weigh up to 500 grams and will still be accurate to the tenth of a gram. Another great feature is that the cover can be removed and used as a weighing tray.

ProScale ProTouch

The final item I think is a great idea it is the iPhone scales. The iPhone frenzy is in full effect, so a few manufacturers have developed the iPhone scale as a way to take advantage of the craze. Proscale have developed the ProTouch model and it has a very sleek design that is almost identical to the iPhone. Pull this scale out and no one will know the difference. The scale is very portable just like the MP3 scale but has a larger platform to expand your weighing options. The protective cover on this thing pops off very easily which can give you an optional tray if needed. This is a good product and very good idea.

The world changes very fast and it is good to see that the manufacturers are doing their part to make new innovative ideas while still providing a good reliable product. Hopefully this will inspire some of you to check out these cool new products while still being able to enjoy your weighing experience.


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