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The attractive and durable Triton T3

I'm sure you have heard the term "Good things come in small packages". That is exactly the way I feel about a high quality pocket scale. There is high demand for a quality pocket scale as they serve so many purposes. Whether you weigh jewelry, small letters or you need to weigh your food on the go. There are many different options available that will suit your weighing needs.

Today we will be reviewing My Weigh Triton T3 660 Digital Pocket scale. The T3 series is an upgrade from My Weighs Triton T2 model and they really stepped it up. My Weigh has added a new rugged design with impact protection by adding a rubber bumper around the scale. This is great for keeping the scale stable and adding some protection as well. Oh, and they also kept one of the great features about the Triton series which is the detachable hard cover that can double as a tray.

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A Scale that's a "Steele"

Consider this:  You’re working on a recipe but you can’t get your flour quantity right.  The recipe calls for a cup but the quantity is just little off maybe by 1 or 2 ounces.  Here lies the solution to your culinary problem.  Every day more and more chefs are steering away from measuring cups and they are jumping on the digital kitchen scale bandwagon.  We will be reviewing a great new option that just hit the market.

I present to you the My Weigh Steele Digital Kitchen Scale.  Not only does a kitchen scale provide the most accurate measurement but you will also notice you will have
your recipe together quicker and with less clean up.

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"The NEW JT-2 and YOU"

A new year brings us many good things: A new start, fresh beginnings, and an awesome line of new tabletop scales. Whether you're preparing food, using portion control, or weighing envelopes and small packages, a tabletop scale is essential for productivity and accuracy. You'll even find that having access to a tabletop scale can save you quite a bit of money.

Recently, we launched the Jscale JT-2 digital tabletop scale. I'm not going sugar-coat it...these scales are AWESOME! Accurate and affordable only scratch the surface when it comes to describing the JT-2's. These scales may very well become the new benchmark of excellence.

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Market Commentary

"The Chinese Invasion Continues"

Digital Compact precision scales have been readily available for the past 20 years.  In the beginning the major players were only Tanita, Acculab and Ohaus.  My Weigh and Gram Precision entered the market later and that was pretty much the bulk of the market for many years.  Now it seems every other day there is a new scale "brand" entering the market. Similar to the deregulation of telephones,  the recent increase in off-brands and no-name brands flooding the scale market direct from China has both it's positive and negative effects.

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The New Look Of Digital Scales

"Weighing in the newest designs the industry has to offer"

What should a scale look like? Until the 1990's we would have thought of a giant metal Toledo or perhaps an old faithful beam balance. That all changed with Tanita went mass-market with smaller calculator shaped digital scales. Time went on and consumers started demanding new "modern" styles and designs for their scales. This has caused manufacturers to rethink what a scale should look like and look towards the newest popular items to style their scales after. Recently there has been a trend to produce scales that look like household items. These include scales that look like digital cameras, cell phones, PDA's and MP3 players. The same thing has happened to the clock industry and various other industries. Everyone thinks an iPhone is cool, so manufacturers think "hey let's make a scale or clock that looks like one of those". While they may appear funny, underneath their cell phone appearance they are still a scale designed for weighing.

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