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A Scale that's a "Steele"

Consider this:  You’re working on a recipe but you can’t get your flour quantity right.  The recipe calls for a cup but the quantity is just little off maybe by 1 or 2 ounces.  Here lies the solution to your culinary problem.  Every day more and more chefs are steering away from measuring cups and they are jumping on the digital kitchen scale bandwagon.  We will be reviewing a great new option that just hit the market.
I present to you the My Weigh Steele Digital Kitchen Scale.  Not only does a kitchen scale provide the most accurate measurement but you will also notice you will have your recipe together quicker and with less clean up.
The scale itself is completely stainless steel and comes with a 7.5" diameter x 2.25" stainless steel bowl.  The bowl is dishwasher safe so when your recipe is done you can just throw the bowl in the washer for a quick and easy cleanup.
We mentioned accuracy a bit earlier and this scale has what you need.  The scale can weigh up to 11 pounds of ingredients and is accurate to 0.1 ounces.  The scale also has the ability to tell you the room temperature and comes equipped with a digital timer to help ensure your recipe is done at just the right time.  My Weigh also backs this scale with a 30 year/Lifetime warranty to ensure you will have your cooking partner for a very long time.
These new kitchen scales that are being developed are no doubt improving lives in kitchens around the world.  I’m very impressed and excited whenever I hear that a company like My Weigh is releasing a new kitchen scale.  There is always a new feature that improves the cooking experience.  Happy cooking all!



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