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Touchscale 200

  • Capacity 200g 

  • Readability  0.1g

  • Accuracy (as tested): 0.1g

  • Modes: Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Pennyweight

  • Tare: Yes

  • Calibration:  Digital Auto Calibration using a 100 gram weight (included)

  • Warranty:  Lifetime / 30 Years (no fees)

  • included Accessories:  Lithium Batteries, Premium Leather Style Pouch, Scoop, Tweezers, 2 stylus pens, expansion tray, calibration weight

  • Size: 5" x  3.25"

  • Price (avg) $99

Every now and then a new product comes along that totally revolutionizes a market.  In the Scale market that product is the Touchscale.   This new innovative scale has more features and inventions then any scale in the market.  The size of the scale is exactly the same as most pocket scales,  but this little scale has a full touch screen,  like a Palm-Pilot or PDA with full calculator, price computing and memory features.  Included accessories are: 2 Stylus Pens, 100g Calibration weight, Padded carrying pouch with Velcro enclosure, Scoop, Tweezers, SS Tray, and a size-doubling expansion tray.

But more then just those neat features,  the innovation is in the way that these features were blended seamlessly with the weighing functions of the scale.   This scale is the culmination of technology and weighing.   Here's an example,  If you're trying to weigh a gold nugget: Place the nugget on the tray, the weight of the nugget shows up on the LCD (just like any other scale),  but then if you TOUCH the LCD where the weight is being displayed,  it brings that weight directly into the calculator so you can use the weight to figure out the value of the nugget! It even does price computing and will change the total value based on the weight.   It's really amazing how they designed such a great and easy to use program.

The easy to use 4 level Flash memory is definitely a plus.  That means you can store 4 numbers in the memory, and they will remain in the memory indefinitely.  You can even change the batteries on the Touchscale, and those numbers will still remain in the memory.  You can set (for example) Memory 1 to be the price for gold,  Memory 2 to be the price for Silver,  Memory 3 to the the price for Copper,  and Memory 4 to be the price for Platinum.  Then you can simply touch the appropriate "MEM" key and it will automatically bring up the price for that item,  so you can quickly and easily do price computing for various metals.

The Touchscale uses an auto-opening hydro hinge.  That means one press of the button and the Touchscale opens up automatically,  smoothly and slowly - giving you time to hear all of your colleagues say "OOH".   One of the most amazing things about the Touchscale is it's low price.   This scale can be found for about the same price as a Tanita 1479.  However, this scale makes the Tanita look like "Pong" compared to a modern PS2 video game (or a Commodore 64 computer compared to a modern Pentium 4,  or a Dinosaur compared to modern man, we're sure you get the point).

Accuracy was good,  the scale was accurate plus or minus 0.1g throughout our testing spectrum.

Overall:  WOW!
Anyone that needs a scale usually needs a calculator.  Blending the two of them together in this innovative package will definitely make this product a HUGE success.   We have awarded this scale the award 2003 SCALE OF THE YEAR.  We're very glad that someone made the investment in technology and innovation to create such a wonderful product.

Recommendations:  .If you can find a Touchscale - BUY ONE.  We have a feeling they'll be very rare once people see them.  More information is available at All Rights Reserved