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The attractive and durable Triton T3

I'm sure you have heard the term "Good things come in small packages". That is exactly the way I feel about a high quality pocket scale. There is high demand for a quality pocket scale as they serve so many purposes. Whether you weigh jewelry, small letters or you need to weigh your food on the go. There are many different options available that will suit your weighing needs.

Today we will be reviewing My Weigh Triton T3 660 Digital Pocket scale. The T3 series is an upgrade from My Weighs Triton T2 model and they really stepped it up. My Weigh has added a new rugged design with impact protection by adding a rubber bumper around the scale. This is great for keeping the scale stable and adding some protection as well. Oh, and they also kept one of the great features about the Triton series which is the detachable hard cover that can double as a tray.

You guys know I love a scale with a higher capacity but also I need it to weigh accurately. This scale can read up to 660 grams and will read all the way down to .1 grams. The scale is also equipped with true 10,000 division German HBM weighing sensors. To sum it up this scale is built for durability and accuracy.

One of the most attractive things about pocket scales is just that. They can fit in your pocket. No packing or unpacking a scale whenever you need to weigh something. They will easily fit in your purse or pocket and you can lug them around anywhere.

You think you've hear the best part, think again. These things come with a terrific price tag. Most online retailers are offering these for around $25.00. So there you have it, a great high quality scale that is accurate and durable for a great price. Overall this is a great redo for the My Weigh Triton series.



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